What on earth does a woman like me do in her spare time? Write, mainly. Of course we do school, and I clean up after the kids and the dogs... there's always the kitchen sink to clear... but when when the house gets dark and quiet, I'm up late, writing.

Higher Education: A blog investigating Classical Education in general, and our homeschool lifestyle in particular. Check out what we're studying and how we spend our time. Peek into the house of a homeschool family that doesn't dress the boys in matching khakis and the girls in long denim dresses, yet doesn't spend their days counting flower petals in a field somewhere either.

New Mercy: A blog detailing the journey I am on with the God of the universe, where I try to build monuments to what He's teaching me. I try to consistently do His will, and learn to shed my selfish habits. Life is crummy sometimes, and I couldn't get through it without His sustaining, unfailing love. This blog has a special focus on women who feel alone in their marriage, or who are enduring a separation from their husband, but want to glorify God through the good times and the bad.

I'm compiling a blog called Contenders for the Faith, about a Christian boy's scouting program that doesn't have any how-to out there on the web. They are under the Keepers of the Faith umbrella, which seems to have a lot of info. My son and I started one in our homeschool group this year, and it's all about the activities the boys do and how it happens. that's what I'm up to.