Table of Contents SOTW Vol. 4, The Modern Age

Oh, how I love you if I typed all this out for you! This list is straight out of Susan Wise Bauer's Table of Contents for The Story of the World Activity Book Four: The Modern Age: From Victoria's Empire to the End of the USSR so that you can see what topics are covered and better decide which biographies or extra books to buy for this time period.

Ch. 1- Britian's Empire; Victoria's England, The Sepoy Mutiny

Ch. 2- West Against East; Japan Re-Opens, The Crimean War

Ch. 3- British Invasions; The Great Game, Wandering Through Africa

Ch. 4- Resurrection and Rebellion; Italy's "Resurrection," The Taiping Rebellion

Ch. 5- The American Civil War; South Against North, After the Civil War

Ch. 6- Two Tries For Freedom; Paraguay and the Triple Alliance, The Dominion of Canada

Ch. 7- Two Empires, Three Republics, and One Kingdom; Two Empires and Three Republics, The Second Reich

Ch. 8- Becoming Modern; Rails, Zones and Bulbs, Japan's Meiji Restoration

Ch. 9- Two More Empires, Two Rebellions; The Dutch East Indies, The Sick Man of Europe

Ch.10- A Canal to the East and a Very Dry Desert; The War of the Pacific, The Suez Canal

Ch.11- The Far Parts of the World; The Iron Outlaw, Carving Up Africa

Ch. 12- Unhappy Unions; Ireland's Troubles, The Boers and the British

Ch. 13- The Old-Fashioned Emperor and the Red Sultan; Brazil's Republic, Abdulhamid the Red

Ch. 14- Two Czars and Two Emperors; The Next-to-last Czar of Russia, Ethiopia and Italy

Ch. 15- Small Countries With Large Invaders; The Korean Battleground, The Spanish-American War

Ch. 16- The Expanding United States; Moving West, Stocks, Philanthropists, and Outlaws

Ch. 17- China's Troubles; The Boxer Rebellion, The Czar and the Admiral

Ch. 18- Europe and Countries Just East; Persia, Its Enemies, and Its "Friends," The Balkan Mess

Ch.19- China, VietNam- And France; The Last Emperor, The Vietnamese Restoration Society

Ch. 20- Revolution In the Americas... War in the World; The Mexican Revolution, World War I

Ch. 21- A Revolution Begins, and the Great War Ends; The Russian Revolution, The End of World War I

Ch. 22- National Uprisings; The Easter Uprising, Indian Nationalism

Ch. 23- "Peace" and a Man of War; The Peace of Versailles, The Rise of Joseph Stalin

Ch. 24- The King and Il Duce; The First King of Egypt, Fascism in Italy

Ch. 25- Armies in China; Japan, China, and a Pretend Emperor, The Long March

Ch. 26- The Great Crash, and What Came of It; Black Tuesday and a New Deal, Hitler's Rise to Power

Ch. 27- Civil War and Invasion; Red Spain, Black Spain, a King, and a General, Rebuilding the "Fatherland"

Ch. 28- The Second World War; The Three-War War, The Holocaust

Ch. 29- The End of World War II; The War that Stretched Across the World, The Atom Bomb

Ch. 30- Paritioned Countries; Muslims and Hindus in India, The Partitioning of Palestine

Ch. 31- Western Bullies and American Money; The Suez Crisis, The Marshall Plan

Ch. 32- Africa and China After World War II; One Country, Two Different Worlds, Two Republics of China

Ch. 33- Communism in Asia; Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh, The Korean War

Ch. 34- Dictators in South America and Africa; Argentina's President and His Wife, Freedom in the Belgian Congo

Ch. 35- The Cold War; The Space Race, Thirteen Days in October

Ch. 36- Struggles and Assassinations; The Death of John F. Kennedy, Civil Rights

Ch. 37- Two Short Wars and One Long One; The VietNam War, Trouble in the Middle East

Ch.38- Two Ways of Fighting; Soviet Invasions, Terrorism

Ch. 39- The 1980s in the East and the Mideast; India After Partition, Iran and Iraq

Ch. 40- The 1980s in the USSR; Chernobyl and Nuclear Power, The End of the Cold War

Ch. 41- Communism Crumbles- but Survives; Democracy in China?, Communism Crumbles

Ch. 42- The End of the Twentieth Century; The First Persian Gulf War, Africa, Independent

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