Table of Contents SOTW Vol. 2

Boy oh boy, do I love you, since I typed all this out for you. This is the table of contents straight out of Susan Wise Bauer's Story of the World Volume 2: The Middle Ages. It's all listed here so you can go through it and know what biographies and extra materials you might want to get for when you study this time period.


Ch 1: The glory that was Rome; wandering through the Roman Empire, the fall of Rome

Ch 2: The early days of Britain; the Celts of Britain, barbarians come to Britain, Beowulf the Hero

Ch 3: Christianity comes to Britian; Augustine comes to England, medieval monasteries, writing books by hand

Ch 4: The Byzantine Empire; the beauty of Constantinople, Justinian, the just emperor, the empress Theodora, the church in the east

Ch 5: The medieval Indian Empire; a king named Skandagupta, monks in caves

Ch 6: The Rise of Islam; Muhammad's Vision, Muhammad flees to Medina, the Koran: Islam's holy book

Ch 7: Islam Becomes an Empire; the fight for Mecca, the spread of Islam, the city of Baghdad, Sinbad in the Valley of Snakes

Ch 8: The Great Dynasties of China; Yang Chien unites north and south, the Tang dynasty

Ch 9: East of China; the Yamato dynasty of Japan, a tale of three countries: Korea, China, and Japan

Ch 10: The Bottom of the World; the first people of Australia, the long journey of the Maori

Ch 11: The Kingdom of the Franks; Clovis, the ex-barbarian, four tribes, one empire

Ch 12: The Islamic Invasion; Islam in Spain and Africa

Ch 13: The Great Kings of France; Charles the Hammer, the greatest king: Charlemagne

Ch 14: The Arrival of the Norsemen; the Viking Invasion, Eric the Red and "Eric's Son", the Norse gods/ Thor and the giant king

Ch 15: The First Kings of England; the Vikings invade England, Alfred the Great, the battle of Hastings

Ch 16: England After the Conquest; the English language, serfs and noblemen, stone castles

Ch 17: Knights and Samurai; the English code of chivalry, the Samurai: Japanese knights

Ch 18: The Age of Crusades; a command from the Pope, recapturing Jerusalem, Saladin of Jerusalem, El Cid and the "reconquest of Spain"

Ch 19: A New Kind of King; Richard the Lionhearted, John Lackland and the Magna Carta, Robin Hood/ Robin Hood and the butcher

Ch 20: The Diaspora; the scattering of the Jews, a tale of the diaspora/ the clever rabbi of Cordova

Ch 21: The Mongols Devastate the East; Genghis Kan, emperor of all men, the Mongol conquest of China

Ch 22: Exploring the Mysterious East; Marco Polo goes to China, the forbidden city of the Ming

Ch 23: The First Russians; the Rus come to Constantinople, Ivan the Great and Ivan the Terrible

Ch 24: The Ottoman Empire; the Ottoman Turks attack/ the sheep-rocks, the capture of Constantinople, Suleiman the lawgiver

Ch 25: The End of the World; the plague, a new way of living

Ch 26: France and England at War; Henry V and the battle of Agincourt, Joan of Arc

Ch 27: War for the English Throne; the wars of the roses, the princes in the tower

Ch 28: The Kingdoms of Spain and Portugal; Ferdinand and Isabella unite Spain, Henry the Navigator, Prince of Portugal

Ch 29: African Kingdoms; gold salt and Ghana, Mansa Musa of Mali, the Songhay Empire

Ch 30: India Under the Moghuls; the Moghul dynasty, Akbar of India/ the bad-luck servant

Ch 31: Exploring New Worlds; Christopher Columbus, Vespucci and Magellan

Ch 32: The American Kingdoms; the Mayans of Central America, the marvelous city of Tenochtitlan, the Incas

Ch 33: Spain, Portugal, and the New World; the slave trade, Cortes and Montezuma

Ch 34: Martin Luther's New Ideas; Martin Luther's List, Henry VIII's problem

Ch 35: The Renaissance; a new way of thinking, Gutenberg's great invention

Ch 36: Reformation and Counter Reformation; the spread of reformation, the council of Trent

Ch 37: The New Universe; the revolution of Copernicus, Galileo's strange notions

Ch 38: England's Greatest Queen; the queen who almost wasn't, good queen Bess

Ch 39: England's Greatest Playwright; William Shakespeare/Macbeth, Macbeth's decision

Ch 40: New Ventures to the Americas; Walter Raleigh and the new world, the lost colony

Ch 41: Explorations in the North; the new-found land, jacques Cartier's discoveries

Ch 42: Empires Collide; Spain and England's War, the world at the end of the 16th century

I'm so pleased you are utilizing Classical Curriculum!
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