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In my left sidebar is a link call "Lesson Plans for Science." It will introduce you to a woman who has written an entire year's lesson plan for each year of WTM-based science! If you are overwhelmed by doing your own Chemistry this year, check it out! Here are the recommended texts that are used in conjunction with Chemistry in the Grammar Stage by Elemental Science:

Scholastic Encyclopedia Of The Presidents And Their Times This is a useful book which gives a short bio on each president and the events occurring during his time in office. Gives a good "feel" for the time period, with copies of newspaper headlines and pop culture images and quotes.

Declaration Of Independence

It's merely the Declaration written out, a phrase or so on each page, with illustrations.

Words That Built a Nation: A Young Person's Collection of Historic American Documents (can I just say dirt cheap on Amazon) A great collection of diary entries, ticket stubs and newspaper images, signs, and such from throughout history, from the point of view of a child such as your student!

Exploring Planet Earth

This isn't a book about the physical planet, such as geography, but a study on the discoveries made by the explorers throughout history.

I'm so pleased you are utilizing Classical Curriculum!
Teresa (Tracy) Dear

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