Table of Contents SOTW Vol. 3

Oh, how I love you that I would type all this out for you! This is the table of contents straight out of Susan Wise Bauer's The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child, Volume 3: Early Modern Times. This way, you can know every topic she covers and start thinking about what biographies or extra materials you want to get that correspond with this time period.

Ch 1: A World of Empires; Holy Roman Empire, Riches of Spain

Ch 2: Protestant Rebellions; Dutch Revolt, Queen without a Country

Ch 3: James, King of 2 Countries; James and His Enemies, Kings James's Town

Ch 4: Searching for the NW Passage; French and the New World, Henry Hudsons' Quest

Ch 5: Warlords of Japan; Hideyoshi, Japan's Great Leader, 1st Tokugawa Ruler

Ch 6: New Colonies in the New World; Strangers and Saints in Plymouth, Dutch and the New World

Ch 7: Spread of Slavery; Tobacco- & Unwilling Colonists, Queen Nzinga of Angola

Ch 8: Middle of the East; Persian Puzzle, Ottoman Turks

Ch 9: Western War; 30 Years' War, 1618-1648

Ch 10: Far East of Europe; Japan's Isolation, Rise of Manchu

Ch 11: Moghul Emperors of India; World Seizer, King of the World, Conqueror of the World, Aurangzeb's 3 Decisions

Ch 12: Battle, Fire & Plague in England; Charles loses his Head, Cromwell's Protectorate, Plague and Fire

Ch 13: Sun King; Sun king of France

Ch 14: Rise of Prussia; Frederick, 1st Prussian King

Ch 15: New World in Conflict; King Phillip's War, War vs the Colonies: Louis XIV Saves France, William Penn's Holy Experiment

Ch 16: The West: Universal Laws of Newton and Locke, Scientific Farming

Ch 17: Russia looks West; Peter the Great, Peter's Port to the West

Ch 18: East and West Collide; Ottomans look West- Twice

Ch 19: English in India; Indian Empire Falls Apart, Shopkeeper's Invasion

Ch 20: Imperial East; Emperor Chi'en-lung's Library, Land of the Dragon

Ch 21: Fighting over N America; 3 Pointless Wars, the 7-yr War

Ch 22: Revolution!; Discontent in British Colonies, American Revolution

Ch 23: New Country; American Constitution, 1st American President

Ch 24: Sailing South; Cpt. Cook Reaches Botany Bay, Convict Settlement

Ch 25: Revolution Gone Sour; Storming of the Bastille, Reign of Terror

Ch 26: Catherine the Great; Princess Catherine come to Russia, Catherine the Great

Ch 27: A Changing World; Steam and Coal in Britain, Cotton and Guns in America

Ch 28: China and the Rest of the World; The Kingdom at the Center of the World, The Rise of the Opium Trade

Ch 29: The Rise of Bonaparte; Napoleon Comes to Power, The Emperor Napoleon

Ch 30: Freedom in the Caribbean; The Haitian Revolt

Ch 31: A Different Kind of Rebellion; The World of the Factories, The Luddites

Ch 32: The Opened West; Lewis and Clark Map the West, Tecumseh's Resistance

Ch 33: The End of Napoleon; Napoleon's Wars (and 1812 too), Waterloo!

Ch 34: Freedom for South America; SImon Bolivar: The Liberator, Freedom, But Not Unity

Ch 35: Mexican Independence; The Cry of Dolores, The Republic of Mexico

Ch 36: The Slave Trade Ends; The Work of the Abolitionists

Ch 37: Troubled Africa; The Zulu Kingdom, The Boers and the British

Ch 38: American Tragedies; The Trail of Tears, Nat Turner's Revolt

Ch 39: China Adrift; The First Opium War

Ch 40: Mexico and her Neighbor; Remember the Alamo, The Mexican-American War

Ch 41: New Zealand and Her Rulers; The Treaty of Waitangi, The New Zealand Wars

Ch 42: The World of Forty-Nine; The Gold Rush, A World of Unrest

I'm so pleased you are utilizing Classical Curriculum!
Teresa (Tracy) Dear