Map Skills

Map Skills by Renee Cummings is actually a map skills book, not a geography course, so it focuses on attributes of all maps in general and is an excellent start before they learn geography, to learn how a map works and the function of symbols on a map.

I love this reproducible map skills series-- I can copy it for each kid if I like. It is available in levels 1-6. They are supposed to correspond to those grade levels. My daughter enjoys it so much, she wants to do maps every day. We do maps two days a week, and start the next level workbook in the spring. On a schedule like this your child should go through all 6 workbooks in less than 4 years.

Some pages of the first workbook REQUIRE copies to be able to do the lesson, because the student colors and then cuts out images and then is supposed to paste them to the other (now cut up) side! Other than that, this requires no parent prep whatsoever. The lessons are quick and varied. Most worksheets from other classes are just pencil work, so she appreciates the occasion to color, cut and paste. (If you do your copying at a copy center, it's pgs 8, 10, 13, 31 & 36)

After a basic knowledge of how maps work is established, your child should be in the fourth grade, and learning modern history. This is when we begin an extra emphasis on modern geography, the locations of the countries of today's world. For this I like Geographic Literacy: Maps for Memorization. Each continent (or partial continent) is shown in six different ways: a labeled political map with capital cities and a labeled physical features map, and then each of those left blank, and then each of those matched to a multiple-choice test.

I'm so pleased you are utilizing Classical Curriculum!
Teresa (Tracy) Dear

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