First Grade

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File under "totally unnecessary in budget crunch, but really great." I purchased this uncut, to save 5 or 10 dollars, which I would not do again. It was a huge hassle to cut out.

This set is cool because it has the large torso/head figure (right). On top of that you place the organs. In addition, there are cutaway diagrams of skin, tooth/gum, the heart, the eye, the ear, and a hand. There are also different kinds of cells, such as a few types of germs, red and white blood cells, and a cancer tumor. There is a diagram of the female reproductive organs and a cutaway of a fetus in the womb, as well as a growing embryo series. My set had a pack of cigarettes, a wine bottle, and a cola (to teach...?). The set available now has the male reproductive diagram.

Not only is this interesting for you student who is learning the parts and systems of the body, it is excellent for keeping the younger kids busy.

I love this reproducible map skills series (not a geography course)-- Read complete review under "Electives" on the left sidebar.

Goes up to 6th grade. Some pages of the first workbook REQUIRE copies if you do your copying at a copy center, it's pgs 8, 10, 13, 31 & 36.

Available through Rainbow Resource.

"Use ser for being
and not for doing-
use it for the cow is fat,
not the cow is mooing."

The author gives permission to reproduce and even edit the workbook pages and has a website to further assist you. For those in a co-op, he sells additional CDs in a 15-pack for $5 each and no shipping.

I'm so pleased you are utilizing Classical Curriculum!
Teresa (Tracy) Dear


  1. Can you give the source of the human body diagram? It looks like the science widget won't load in my browser. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience!

  2. Never mind! I found it on the Rainbow Resource site.