In our homeschool, kindergarten is a time to have fun playing, being a kid, learning how the world works, and taking naps.

That being said, our objectives are:

1.) to learn the sounds for all the letters
2.) how to form letters on paper with a pencil
3.) how to form numbers on paper with a pencil
4.) learn the sounds of letter combinations (phonics)
5.) brush up on the casual goals of pre-k: shapes, colors, names of letters, counting to 25.

Let me tell you, there is an entire industry built upon teaching phonics. There is a huge number of programs out there, each touting its accolades and expansive materials list. They can include workbooks, CDs, texts, readers, flashcards... Really an array of things to choose from. If you want to be overwhelmed, check out the selection. 468 items to wade through, from 353 programs!

The entire point of phonics is to help you read and spell. I don't think kids need to memorize words like "quadrigraph" to be able to read. We use a very simple, complete phonics reader set to learn to read, called Bob Books, Sets 1-5 (42 books). I have been really pleased with it.

Your kids will not be sad like Sam or Mat if they learn to read from the Bob Books. However, if you are interested in a materials-rich super set, look at the K-2 set by Saxon, called Phonics 1: Homeschool Kit (Homeschool Phonics & Spelling).

I'm so pleased you are utilizing Classical Curriculum!
Teresa (Tracy) Dear

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