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Christian Kids Explore Earth and Spaceby Stephanie L. Redmond is a dichotomy of a course! I enjoyed teaching from this text for a number of reasons including: little to no teacher prep time; enjoyable to work through; God-honoring; and written in a conversational tone that is easy to read aloud and appeals to the younger audience.

Altogether, I found this course to be a good core text for my second-grader that was easily supplemented in a few areas. I will be using it again with my younger kids when they hit second grade. And although my second-grader and I completed the entire course, we definitely amended and expanded it to be more in-depth.

One example of this was finding all nine planets covered in one short chapter! I thought this was neglecting an opportunity to excite kids about outer space, so we expanded on that section with outside materials. There is no chapter at all about biomes, which I found startling, as there is so much to intrigue children about the variety of habitats and temperature zones on this planet we call home. Again, we supplemented the study of Earth with outside materials.

In a few of the chapters it seemed as though the bulk of the reading is about the author’s own opinions, although this contributes to the ‘talking to a young child’ tone. One of the main things I noticed about this book was the lack of consistency in material from chapter to chapter. It is a curious mix of technical definitions and conversational banter.

It's always great to find a science course that gives glory to God for his creation. The first lesson was about Creation, but neglected the “on the first day, on the second day…” so we supplemented that with some reading from Genesis. In Lesson three she goes over the theory of Pangea and the worldwide flood, how some scientists and theologians have conflicting ideas. She presents it flawlessly and intelligently.

Although the coloring sheets are beautiful, they have a lot of black space that can’t be colored. In addition, there is one sheet for the entire unit, not individual sheets to work on while mom reads each chapter.

The benefits in this book for the upper elementary students include lots of definitions in the margins and timelines listing scientists and scientific discoveries. We took Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space to our local copy center and had them cut off the binding. Then we separated the reproducibles and had the text with all the glossaries, appendices, and supplemental materials spiral-bound.

If you are enjoying Elemental Science's lesson plans, here is Paige's book list for her course. Each of them can also be enjoyed with the the book described above.

I'm so pleased you are utilizing Classical Curriculum!
Teresa (Tracy) Dear

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