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I'm so glad you found this resource! This is a homeschool site devoted to assisting families while they navigate the world of curriculum choices for the classical education method. If you have decided to conduct your homeschool using the classical education model, congratulations! It is an excellent way to ensure that your children get the very best education that they can. I think the leaders of the future will be classically educated. These books and materials are what I use and have found to be the best for our homeschool.

I hope you are as excited as I am when you think about curriculum and and the choices there are out there. If you feel overwhelmed right now, know that others have gone before you and have successfully taught their children this way-- for hundreds of years. Bookmark the site, and check back to see all the new materials.

Here at Classical Curriculum, I don't want any of your attention to be drawn away from the spectacular array of books and materials. Therefore, there will be no internet advertising. Enjoy the clean space!

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I base my version of Classical Education on the book by Susan Wise Bauer,

To see what SWB (herself!) thought of my ramblings...
(excuse me while I shriek again)

So Classical Curriculum is on a blog host, but I've set it up like a website. If you click on "older posts" you'll be brought into a land of unorganized and uncharted territory which I can't recommend. So investigate by grade or by subject, or return to the Home page... but don't go off wandering! Thanks for visiting!